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through breath yoga review
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through breath yoga review
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Through breath yoga review
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From Mah-ly K.

I met Sher last summer at Rekinection’s Rejuvenation. I had just completed a yoga class with the previous teacher when Sher started his class. I did not participate, but I hung out for a bit to watch and enjoy the outdoor company. It was a relaxing class that I wanted to be able to participate in at a later time. When he posted that he would be offering his classes on Zoom, I joined and got a membership right away! 

I was in pretty good shape still, despite the panny, and was able to enjoy a few weeks of really great classes a couple days a week online. I caught covid over thanksgiving and was pretty much physically destroyed, including trouble breathing and muscle loss. Sher was genuinely concerned for me and just wanted me to join in on classes and do the absolute minimum so I could at least move a little through the pain and discomfort. As an extra spicy follow-up to covid, two days after my two weeks had passed, I dislocated my knee. 

Despite my major loss of muscle use and a sore dislocated knee, I never felt left behind in practice. Sher and I figured out through one-one-one meetings and fast-response messenger communication, how to accommodate in different postures and what I need to to to ensure I am not pushing past my limits and just listen to my body. 

I feel like I am finally getting back my full strength or I have been able to evolve along with my new limits and still be able to get the full benefits of each class offered because I have been able to request different areas of the body I would like to either rest or engage. 

As a practicing member for while, Sher made me a Mala made with Sodalite, Opalite, Rose Quartz, Chevron Amethyst and a lot of good intention. It is the most beautiful hand-made gift I have ever received. I think the intentions have manifested. 

I really appreciate the services and community offered by Through.  Breath Yoga and all of the instructors.