Sat Nam! This is part of my story, and how I found the path of Yoga.

Everyone has a past, a present, and a path. The destination can be sensed at times, yes, but it is uncertain. Our experiences are our own and this is a truth of Yoga as well as life. Here is some of my story.

I am Sher Randhir Singh, my given name is Tyler.

My path to becoming a Yogi is a long and convoluted story rife with personal struggles, deep dark periods, and undesirable personality traits. Through my personal disciplined practice and a lot of time searching inward I have managed to balance out much of the unpleasantnesses that comes with being a human.

My story starts as a child. I was sick all of the time. I couldn’t breathe, I was allergic to everything and my self control was non-existent. I never really learned how to stretch, my mind ran wild with fearful thoughts, and unstable emotions. Now, I understand that, in part, my mental and emotional strife came from over-stimulation from the external world. The generation I was born into was in part raised by media of different forms. This fact played heavily into my mental instability as a youth. It took me years to reprogram myself and find peace from within. I still struggle with media addiction, but that is a thing of our time.

It wasn’t until I found Kundalini Yoga in my late 20’s that the pieces truly started to come together. I had a fragmented and tortured sense of self but through my expanded practice of this beautiful Yogic science the pieces started to reform and my spirit was renewed.

I will be adding to my story, digging deep into the many facets of my past and present as my journey continues. Thank you for reading!

Wahe Guru!!

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